2C - Intermolecular forces

     1)    Describe how Van der Waals' forces arise.  [6]


     2)    Arrange the elements of Group 0 in order of increasing boiling points.  Explain your answer.  [3]


     3)    Which of the following have hydrogen bonding:  [4]


  a)  H2S b)  CH4 c)  CH3OH d)  NO2 e)  CH3NH2 f)  PH3


     4)    Draw diagrams of hydrogen bonding between the following molecules.  Include any dipoles:


            a)  2 molecules of water  [2]

            b)  2 Molecules of ammonia  [2]

            c)  1 molecule of water and 1 molecule of ammonia  [2]


    5)    State 3 anomalous properties of water and explain each property:  [6]