2C - Bonding and structure review  /39

     1)    Arrange the elements of Group 7 in order of increasing boiling points.  Explain your answer.  [4]


     2)    Describe how Van der Waals' forces arise. [6]


     3)    State whether the following molecules are polar or non polar:  [7]

            a)  Define electronegativity [1] 


  b)  H2S c)  CH4 d)  CH3OH e)  I2 f)  CH3NH2 g)  PH3


     4)    State the type of intermolecular forces that exist between the following molecules:  [6]


  a)  H2S b)  CH4 c)  CH3OH d)  I2 e)  CH3NH2 f)  PH3

         5)    Draw intermolecular force between 2 molecules of water.  Include any dipoles [2]:

     6)    Describe metallic bonding and use your diagram to explain whether it conducts electricity.

            You may wish to use a diagram. [3]


     7)    Discuss the conductivity of ionic compounds compared with simple covalent structures.  Explain your answer.  [6]


     8)    With the aid of diagrams discuss and explain the solubility of sodium chloride and Iodine in water.  [5]