Shells, levels and orbitals                                                      

1)    Line emission spectra's give a unique spectra to each elements.  Explain how they arise.  Use the following terms in your answer: [4]

            Excited        Emit        Energy        Light        Frequency        absorb        Energy level

2)    The picture shows part of a spectra for an element.

a)   What do you notice about the spectral lines as you move to the left? [1]

b)   Explain how this spectra has changed the structure of the atom. [1]        

3)    Sketch an energy level diagram showing the first 3 principle quantum numbers and write on how many electrons each energy level can hold. [4]

4)    The following question is about atomic orbitals:

            a)    What is an atomic orbital? [1]

            b)    What is the maximum amount of electrons in an orbital? [1]

            c)    How can 2 electrons occupy the same orbital when they both have a negative charge? [1]

            d)    What can you say about the electron density of an orbital containing 2 electrons rather than 1 electron? [1]