1B Fats and oils  /30

    1)          This question is about fatty acids and fats:

                 a)  Draw and name the fatty acid 18:2(9.12)  [2]



                 b)  Use the shorthand notation for the following molecule  [1]


                 c)  Name the functional groups in the molecule in (b)  [2]


                 d)  Describe a simple chemical test you could carry out to distinguish between the molecules below  [2]





                 e)  Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction between glycerol and hexadecanoic acid. 

                      Circle the new functional group and label it  [3]


    2)          This question is about fats and oils:       


                 a)  Draw the skeletal formulas for a i) saturated fatty acid  ii) trans fatty acid  iii)  cis fatty acid   [3]


                 b)  Use your answers in (a) to explain the health issues associated with each (i) - (iii)  [8]


                 c)  Explain the difference between and fat and an oil  [3]


                 d)  Use your knowledge of the alkenes to describe how solids (margarine) are formed from oils  [3]


    3)          Oils can be used to produce fuels.


                 a)  Draw the structure of an oil made between glycerol and hexadecanoic acid:  [1]


                 b)  Write an equation for the formation of biodiesel from the triester in (a)  [2]