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Unit 1:  Atoms, bonds and groups Unit 2:  Chains, energy and resources
Module 2A Structure of the atom and electron configuration Module 1A Basic concepts in organic Chemistry
  Orbital theory and electron configuration   Isomerism
Module 2B Ionic / covalent and intermolecular forces Module 1B The alkanes
  Electronegativity   The alkenes
  Hydrogen bonding   Cis-trans vs alkanes
  Ionic to covalent - Fajan's rules Module 2A The alcohols
  Shapes of molecules   The halogenoalkanes
Module 3A Ionisation energies and periodic patterns Module 3A Enthalpy
  Periodicity Module 3B Rates
  More periodicity Module 3C Equilibria
Module 3B Oxidation states and REDOX    
Module 3C Halogens and displacement reactions